Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone's week has been good! If not good, at least decent! This week's political climate has been messy and filled with plenty of breaking news and record setters for your eyes and ears. To start off on a more fun and sweet note, Charlie Brown's Christmas special will in fact air on broadcast TV this year! This is all thanks to Apple's lovely deal with PBS! I always look forward to watching it so this is great news.

That being said, let us discuss and interpret this week's political news. More than 250,000 people have died from Covid-19. That is more deaths than car crashes cause in a year's time. It is truly heartbreaking to see states run out of ICU beds and medical equipment to handle this crisis. With all of these new record numbers, the President seems to be taking all of this less and less seriously. He has yet to allow Joe Biden and his team the proper security and Covid-19 briefings which is incredibly disrespectful in my opinion. Also in recent news, President Trump has fired the Department of Homeland Security official who essentially agreed to the fact that there was and is no widespread voter fraud. This only further proves the idea that Trump is in complete and utter denial, and anyone that attempts to 'railroad' him will be thrown out. This is truly immaturity at it's finest.

There is a need for a call to action. You may feel at peace because Joe Biden will be sworn in come January however, there is still a crisis at hand with an incompetent President who seems to be oblivious to the situation. I encourage you (young people especially, as we are fiesty) to stand up and speak up! Reach out to your elected officials and demand action and reform! There is always still time for change no matter the climate!

And that is what I will leave you all with for this week. Enjoy the weekend and Thanksgiving!


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